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Double the Impact

11 Feb By
Double basins are a great way of maximising space & creating a more user-friendly environment for everyone. Rather than spending what seems like hours waiting for another user to finish brushing their teeth & doing their hair in the bathroom- you can join them- & with the comfort of your own basin too! By doubling […]
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Colourful Kitchens

04 Feb By
Selecting colours for you kitchen can be difficult, but it is a very important aspect to get right.  Think of how the space will be used & how you want to feel when you are there. Do you want it be calm & intimate, bright & cheery…? You really can’t go past an all-white kitchen […]
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Waka Inspiration

19 Nov By
Here at Foreno there is nothing we like more than seeing images of our tapware installed. When it is tapware such as our treasured Waka range, the occasion is even more special. So when we were offered the chance to photograph some of this tapware in the bathroom of a small bespoke home on the […]
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Direct Beauty

12 Nov By
Traditionally plywood is used as a material that goes underneath surface materials- but as of late we have been seeing more and more plywood coming out into the open. Plywood is created by rotating log around its axis to draw out long thin layers of wood, which often exposes a repeating grain creating an unexpectedly […]
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Inspired By Nature

05 Nov By
Using nature as a threshold for designing your bathroom might just be the way to create that soothing atmosphere you have always wanted to relax in. Using natural materials are a great way to create a certain atmosphere… The purity of water, energy of stones & warmth of wood are not only good for your […]
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Marble Magic

22 Oct By
Images of white marble kitchens & bathrooms have been resolutely taking over the internet for a while now- & to mixed reviews! Some see the white marble kitchen as dated & old-fashioned whilst others see it as inherently elegant & timeless. The white is fresh & appealing & looks great in a variety of styled […]
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Industrial Chic

24 Sep By
While the two terms may not seem like they bode well together, there has been a recent movement where items once found in industrial or commercial spaces have now filtered through to a variety of homes- all styled in a unique way, meshing with a favoured style of the home’s occupants. The above kitchen incorporates […]
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White Out

13 Aug By
Nothing beats an all-white kitchen. White reflects the light therefore creating the illusion of a bigger, more open space, ideal for those with smaller kitchens, but just as fabulous for large ones too. It is a classic concept that can be adapted to suit any taste, style or budget- from farmhouse chic to modern minimalist. […]
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Monochrome Magic

02 Jul By
Here at Foreno, we love a colourful kitchen interior. However there is something so effortlessly chic about a monochrome colour palette, that we thought we would take the oppurtunity to discuss just what it is about this look we just can’t get enough of. As neutral colours, black and white are often considered dull or […]
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Inspired Tapware

04 Jun By
The Waka range is a very treasured range here at Foreno – and for good reason too! Designed and made right here in New Zealand, the Waka range epitomises and highlights all that is good about the kiwi lifestyle.  It has been inspired by Maori art and the waka canoe, and creates a look that […]
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Going Traditional

30 Apr By
For homes that have been designed with a more traditional aesthetic, the period range of tapware from Foreno is the tapware for you! Traditional bathrooms certainly don’t have to mean ‘unstylish.’ Instead beautifully designed bathrooms often incorporate the best of modern design & as opposed to looking cutting edge, create a timeless & elegant space. […]
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Old World Charm

16 Apr By
For homeowners wanting to stay true to the style of their bungalow or villa, Foreno has a large range of period tapware just for you. With a variety of mixers for kitchen & bathroom there is something for every style- but with the essential old world charm. The Antique range comes standard with a chrome […]
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