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Clever Design

11 Aug By
Are you building or renovating your kitchen? Or simply looking for ways to make a more functional space? Here are a few handy tips & tricks: A pull out knife block drawer is a great use of a narrow space which is otherwise not quite big enough for a normal-size cupboard. Whilst practical, this also […]
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A little bit of Luxury…

04 Aug By
Looking for a way to add a bit of luxury for your guests staying over the Christmas holidays? Why not install a Double Head Shower Rose. The ultimate in showering luxury these showers are extremely versatile in that they cater for a range of different desires- depending on your mood! With the two heads situated on […]
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Creative Kitchens

03 Aug By
Creative kitchen design is all about making the most of what you have in the required space. Creating good flow with lots of storage is certainly the biggest priority for any kitchen, and there are some clever ways to achieve this within a limited space: – Use the center of your kitchen- this large space […]
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23 Jul By
Foreno provides tapware designed to make life easier regardless of age, illness or disability whilst offering exceptional performance without compromising on style. The Ezyflo range of tapware has been designed with ease & functionality in mind. The mixers feature extended wing style lever handles which assist arthritic joints & those with weaker hand mobility. Ezyflo […]
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16 Jul By
Are you looking for ways to update your laundry to make it more practical? Or just tired of the lack of space? Here are a few quick tips & ideas for an organised & more user-friendly laundry: HARDWARE Think about the hardware. Deep basins are a great choice as they make it easy to get […]
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Well-designed & works well on Low Pressure

09 Jul By
Looking for contemporary tapware that is well-designed & works well on low pressure? The all new Anglo Sink Mixer is a standalone work of art that will add sleek modernity to any home. With a solid structure, the position of the control has been ergonomically designed for comfort, and creates a unique design feature all of its […]
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30 Jun By
Enjoy the fresh taste of clean water- straight from the tap!   The Filter Sink Mixer from Foreno Tapware now eliminates the need to have two separate spouts for filtered water & regular water, which tends to unnecessarily clutter the kitchen sink. The sleek lines & soft curves mean this mixer is not only functional, […]
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Water Efficient Tapware

19 May By
Many factors come into play when you start thinking about buying tapware– cost, style, performance, quality. Saving water and saving on your water bills (or resulting energy bills for hot water) can be a deciding factor in determining the type of product you buy. If you’re about to buy a water-using product or appliance, find […]
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Bathroom Blues?

28 Apr By
Is your bathroom looking a bit worse for wear? Thinking it could do with a bit of an update? Here are some easy as updates that you could do in as little as a morning! A dramatic new mirror can add a bit of glam. Get creative & overhaul your vanity- paint the existing one […]
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Stainless Steel Tapware

02 Feb By
It can be hard to decide what tapware will be the best fit for you home. There are so many different styles out there that meet all sorts of specifications. But have you ever put any thought into what your tapware is made from? Tapware is made from either brass or stainless steel. Brass has […]
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Entertainers’ Dream

16 Dec By
Planning on entertaining friends and family over the Christmas/New Year break? Well the Coil Sink mixer is the entertainers dream & the ideal addition to all kitchens lucky enough to have a sizeable sink. Designed to make dishwashing that much less of a chore, the easy to use handpiece delivers a strong stream of water […]
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The Kitchen Triangle

09 Dec By
Specialists refer to the sink, stove and refrigerator layout as the “kitchen triangle.” This refers to the area of the kitchen with the greatest activity & requires careful planning with unobstructed access.   Of the three, the sink will see the most action and should have easy access to the stove and refrigerator, as well […]
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