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Cartridge Replacement on Foreno Mixers

Tech Specifications:


  • Max. Operating Temperature 65.deg Celsius
  • Max. Operating Pressure 500kpa


  • After water is turned off at the mains water supply,
    remove the hot/cold indicator button (prize out with a craft knife) from the lever handle,loosen Allen Grub screw within,remove handle, undo/remove chrome collar trim, unscrew large hexagonal brass retaining nut, lift out ceramic disc cartridge, note locating lugs on the base (make sure that the seal is not on the valve seat after removing the cartridge).
  • Refit the new cartridge ensuring the locating lugs at the base are in place.
    Tighten down the brass retaining nut – correct torque is achieved by about a half turn tightening with a spanner.
    Fit, chrome collar trim,handle and indicator.


Headwork Replacement for tapware

  • Simply turn off mains supply
  • Prize out the indicator button from the handle (with a craft knife)
  • Undo brass retaining screw within handle & remove handle
  • Undo large brass hexagonal nut- withdraw
  • Replace Headworks


Half Turn Ceramic

Wear is a constant concern in the manufacture of high quality precision tapware. To limit wear with your ceramic half turn mechanism you have two choices:

A) Ensure the system has an in-line filter or strainer washer;

B) Check the ceramic discs are self-lubricating discs and have a 7 year guarantee.

Under Pressure

One important thing to establish before you choose your tapware is the pressure system you are buying for. Foreno have an excellent range of Tapware, especially suited for low pressure systems so even if you are not on mains, your new Tapware will make it feel like you are.

Because many ceramic disc mixers do not work effectively on unequal low water pressure and not at all on equal low pressure, it is important to know which system you have before purchasing Tapware.

How to check your system:

A) Does the cold tap run faster than the hot tap and do you have a pipe protruding from the roofline?

If yes, you have an UNEQUAL LOW SYSTEM

B) Do you have a gravity-fed water supply and both hot and cold taps deliver the same low volume of water?

If yes, you have EQUAL LOW PRESSURE

If your water flow is not described above, you have MAINS pressure water supply. This is great for pressure, but you might want to keep water conservation in mind.

Wall Displacement

Foreno have worked hard over the years to record enquiries and requests from customers relating to the spacing required to install wall mounted tapware accurately.

I think they offer the best wall adjustment options ranging from 100 – 230mm which makes retro-fit installations a whole lot easier. Look for this icon through out the magazine