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Are you struggling to decide on the perfect tapware for your home? Here are a few handy things to consider before making your purchase.


Ensure the tap or shower you wish to purchase is compatible with the water pressure system you have. If you have low pressure, select a model suitable for that pressure system. Water pressure is measured in kpa’s with low pressure being from 35kpa and mains pressure from 150kpa.


It is important that you match the style of your tapware with the style of the fixtures in the bathroom such as showers or vanities. Square tiled walk in showers suit square style taps such as the RT, RTD or QBIK range while oval or round vanities are better suited to a product like MANA with soft curves.


Ideally for a kitchen sink mixer the end of the spout should be centred over the sink waste/plug hole as this will help reduce splashing. Check the measurements of the tap and the sink before purchasing.


Before drilling a hole in a new kitchen bench top or vanity check the specification sheets to see the recommended hole size. Usually 32-35mm for single lever mixers or 25mm for basin or bath taps.


Slide Showers are available with single function or multi-functions hand pieces. If you have low water pressure, avoid multi-function hand pieces to ensure the maximum water flow and shower performance.


All tapware and showers have water efficiency ratings. Tapware is rated from 0-6 stars and showers 0-3 stars with the greater the number of stars the more water efficient the product. Compare product star rating when choosing your Tapware as water efficiency can mean using less hot water resulting in lower energy costs in the long run. Water efficiency is particularly important when choosing a slide shower or shower rose as showers are generally the largest users of hot water.


To ensure taps sparkle, clean your tap using only a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Rinse and wipe dry using a dry clean soft cloth. Do not use abrasive compounds, pads, cloths or creams as these will damage the surfaces.