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New Zealand owned and operated, Foreno Tapware has a strong history that is unmistakably Kiwi and epitomises quality, innovation and wellbeing.


Foreno is a Watermark Certified Tapmaker and manufactures to the joint New Zealand and Australian standards AS/NZS3718 and AS/NZS4020. Our quality assurance plan is independently audited on an annual basis by SAI Global to ensure we meet those standards.

We also have the distinction of being the first tapware manufacturing company in Australasia to receive CodeMark Certification (from the Department of Building & Housing) for a large number of our products. This means that any Foreno product that is CodeMark certified is deemed to comply with the New Zealand Building Code. This creates assurance of quality for building contractors, as well as budding DIYers.

Most of our products use German precision manufactured headworks, which we have been using for over a decade are standard in the majority of our tapware. ­


Our in-house design team use 3D software programs to design products specifically for the New Zealand market – with a touch of round the world influence.

Low Pressure continues to be an issue in up 50% of New Zealand homes & we focus on finding innovative ways to overcome the issue without compromising on style.

Our range of wall mounted tapware offers the best wall adjustment options in the industry. With options ranging from 100-230mm retro-fit installation has never been easier.


We manufacture to the AS/NZ4020 Potable Water Standard even though it is not compulsory in New Zealand. This includes the use of food safe greases, certified hoses and DR brass to ensure no contaminates are leached into the water that is delivered through your tap, meaning it is healthy & safe for everyone to use.

Foreno has a range of electronic tapware which provides hygienic and energy saving hand washing facilities for areas such as commercial kitchens, food preparation areas, public amenities & other domestic spaces.

Here at Foreno we aim to inspire you with ideas on how to style your tapware for your interior.

Check out our popular Inspiration page for updates on the latest designs and ideas for your Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry.