Creative kitchen design is all about making the most of what you have in the required space. Creating good flow with lots of storage is certainly the biggest priority for any kitchen, and there are some clever ways to achieve this within a limited space:

– Use the center of your kitchen- this large space is often wasted (especially if you are lucky enough to have an open plan home!) Adding a small butchers block or some other form of kitchen island creates more counter space and storage within a convenient nearby location.

– Smaller, more compact appliances are a great option for smaller kitchens. Appliance manufacturers more frequently offer space saving appliances for ease of design.

– Under cabinet lighting creates the illusion of space.

– Open shelving adds more storage space, but is also a good option instead of upper cabinetry, which can cause small kitchens to feel closed in.

– Another option is to replace solid doors cabinet doors with glass ones. The glass lightens the front of the cabinets, and the eye tends to travel through to the back of the cabinet, giving the feeling of more space.

The shown kitchen features a number of these design tips- the most effective being the use of the large shelf within the kitchen island, which features underbench lighting, creating a real feature of the island & the bowl beneath. Sink Mixer shown is the Anglo Sink Mixer ANG01.