Are you looking for ways to update your laundry to make it more practical? Or just tired of the lack of space?

Here are a few quick tips & ideas for an organised & more user-friendly laundry:


Think about the hardware. Deep basins are a great choice as they make it easy to get soaking buckets in & out. A high gooseneck spout adds to this, and extractable mixers can also be pretty handy when it comes to removing stains & cleaning the tub itself.


If you can stack your washing machine & dryer on top of one another, do it. It gives more room for cupboards & storage which in a small room like a laundry, you really just can’t get enough of. Maximise on storage space so you can tuck away things like detergents, buckets, baskets etc.


Hiding appliances in cabinets is mostly just a visual thing. It provides a much more streamlined look & allows clutter to be hidden away.


The laundry is prone to dampness due to the humidity caused by the dryer- maximise air flow by with a large opening window or fan.


If you have the room, hampers are a great way for family members to sort their colours, from their light & dark washes meaning there is no need to sort through the one big pile