Many factors come into play when you start thinking about buying tapware– cost, style, performance, quality. Saving water and saving on your water bills (or resulting energy bills for hot water) can be a deciding factor in determining the type of product you buy.

If you’re about to buy a water-using product or appliance, find out first how WELS Water Efficiency ratings can save you money and help the environment. Its simple – the more Stars on the water rating label, the less water that product will use thereby saving you money.

Foreno introduces the E-Spec range, a new eco-friendly range of tapware that achieves outstanding water efficiency, without compromising looks or style. E-Spec from Foreno is rated at 5 Star (Mana E-Spec) and 6 Star WELs rating (R-T Square E-Spec).

E-Spec is also Watermarked and therefore utilises non-lead leaching brass alloy within the potable water chamber and AS/NZS 3499 certified flexi-hoses.