Is your bathroom looking a bit worse for wear? Thinking it could do with a bit of an update? Here are some easy as updates that you could do in as little as a morning!

  • A dramatic new mirror can add a bit of glam.
  • Get creative & overhaul your vanity- paint the existing one in a cheery new colour or convert an old dresser.
  • Add pullout shelving to the cabinets to create a bit of order for your everyday things.
  • Lighting can improve the look & feel of a room more than you realise. Add some clip on lamps as extra task lighting & create a statement with the main light with an interesting shade.
  • Replace the countertop of your vanity- it’s surprising how cheaply you can pick up a remnant slab of granite or marble- luxury for less! This is one of THE most effective solutions.
  • Paint cupboard doors a contrasting colour- quick & easy!
  • Install a slide shower- the spray handpiece makes life that much easier when it comes to rinsing out hair & cleaning the shower cubicle or tub.