It can be hard to decide what tapware will be the best fit for you home. There are so many different styles out there that meet all sorts of specifications. But have you ever put any thought into what your tapware is made from?

Tapware is made from either brass or stainless steel. Brass has been commonly more popular, but in recent years stainless steel has started to gain prominence, especially within the health & hospitality industries.

Brass tapware is usually coated with chrome giving a smooth, mirror-like finish. However it can also be found in nickel, gold, copper or coloured powder coating. Brass tapware not only looks great, but is highly reliable.

However there are benefits in choosing a stainless steel kitchen tap. The first being that stainless steel is incredibly hygienic. It is easy to clean and the surface has no cracks to harbour unwanted bacteria or mildew- which is one of the reasons it is found in hospitals, restaurants & hotels.

Stainless steel is a very durable & hard wearing material, so it will not dent or bend like other alloys, meaning it will look like new for much longer. An aesthetic benefit is the brushed stainless steel finish will match in with surrounding kitchen appliances, like the fridge & toaster as well as door handles & rubbish bins, creating an altogether more cohesive look in the kitchen.

The Stainless Steel Sink Mixer from Foreno Tapware is suitable for all pressures & has an RRP of $449. Available from your local plumbing or hardware store.